Welcome to our website! We hope that this will help you to easily access information about our schools.

 Mariya International Schools is a high achieving, successful schools. We are extremely proud that in a few years since we began, we have grown as one of the biggest and best schools in Jubail City. However, we are not complacent as there are always ways in which we can improve further and we are constantly working towards Quality of Education standards to be raised continuously. We are justly proud of the high quality education we provide. We have high expectations and insist on high standards: we expect all of our pupils to work with a fantastic attitude to learning and to behave in a way which shows respect to themselves and others

In 2015, we were delighted to move into our brand new buildings, which was the result of massive investments. We have recruited highly qualified and experienced teachers from all over the world. This has provided our pupils and the local community with state of the art facilities in all subject areas which will enable us to further develop the academic, cultural and sporting interests of our pupils in an attractive modern environment

We hope that this website gives you an insight to our schools. If you would like to know more about Mariya International schools, please do not hesitate to contact us by telephone, email or arrange a visit.




حرصت مدارس ماريا العالميه بالجبيل على توفير البنية التحتية الماديّة والبشرية المناسبة لإيجاد بيئة مدرسية حديثة تواكب مستجدات وتقنيات هذا العصر ، وتسير مدارس ماريا العالميه بخطى واثقة نحو مستقبل واعد ، وتحاول الاستفادة من كل تطوّر ناجح وتجربة مفيدة ؛ لذلك تم تجهيز البناء المدرسي بكافة احتياجاته الضرورية بتميز واضح، حيث تم تصميم الغرف الصفية ليكون استيعابها أقل بكثير من مثيلاتها في مدارس القطاع الخاص ، اذ يحتوي المبنى على " 80 " غرفة صفية تتسع ل " 1600 طالب وطالبة، بالإضافة الى وجود قسم خاص للروضة والحضانة مجهز بأحدث التجهيزات التربوية والتي تتناسب مع ميول واتجاهات طلبتنا ، ناهيك عن الساحات والملاعب الحديثة ..