Dear Parents,
The purpose of this survey is to measure how parents are engaged with their children's school and educational process.
Thank you for your cooperation and feedback




Dear Parents

We have created a short survey as a part of our anti-bullying campaign. Please, take a few minutes to share your thoughts about this concern and help us make a better place for your child.

Thank you




Dear Parents

As part of Mariya International Schools improvement plan for enhanced Quality of Teaching and learning, you are invited to take part in the process as a STAKEHOLDER. Your feedback is of the most importance to us. Please take some time out of your busy schedules and fill the 2 Parent survey with your opinions. Just click on the 2 links and follow the step by step guide. Just click the option that you feel is the “BEST” option in your opinion for the Climate and Culture survey. In the Parent Stakeholders Feedback survey, just click the option that you feel is the “BEST” option in your opinion and please do not forget to answer the 3 questions with your suggestions and comments at the end. All your answers are utterly confidential and we respect your views with the highest degree.

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Climate &Culture  parent survey




Parent Stakeholders’ Feedback survey