School Curriculum

School curriculum
Mariya International School
Policy Statement

MIS is committed to the principle that all our students can access the highest quality of
education that our school can provide, regardless of their families social, ethnic, physical,
religious or cultural circumstances. MIS is committed to providing the highest quality of
education for all, including Saudi nationals and expatriates residing here in Jubal’s industrial city.
Our schools curriculum has a central role in assisting in the promotion of successful,
enthusiastic and inspirational teaching. Our British curriculum is indeed the key part of our
schools foundation and curriculum. MIS prides itself on providing a (CPD) continuing
professional development programs for its staff.

We encourage that all staff members should be made aware of the importance of sharing good
practice, with regards to curriculum matters as much as possible. Our British curriculum assists
our students, helping them to provide an environment where all of our pupils are able to
flourish, both physically and academically.

The pursuit of academic excellence we believe should be supported and complemented by an
intellectual environment as we believe a British curriculum is one of the best ways of achieving

MIS encourages its students and provides them with effective preparation for opportunities,
experiences and responsibilities of life, with in the society in which they live in. Furthermore
our school provides equal opportunities for all students we encourage tolerance of those who
come from different backgrounds and ethnicities.

The curriculum will seek to:

  • Promote academic curiosity
  • Promote and develop in our students a life-long love of learning
  • Develop our students ability to think for themselves
  • Provide a positive and stimulating learning environment
  • Students well-being is paramount

This policy is supported by our plans and schemes of work, which are made by heads of
departments based on up to date syllabuses and curriculums. Our school is endorsed and is a
Cambridge international school. The books we use here at MIS are Cambridge University Press
books, we also use various other publishers for our French language and social studies.

Acquisition of key skills

Mariya International Schools Jubail is committed to providing its students with a curriculum
which ensures that all of its students acquire and develop skills that are appropriate to their age
and aptitude, in the following subjects:

  • Speaking and listening
  • Numeracy
  • Literacy

Learning experience

Mariya International School is committed to providing a curriculum that is sufficiently broad
and balanced to meet the needs of all its students. In particular, it will ensure that all of its
pupils have learning experience of the following areas of education:

  •  Linguistics
  • Mathematical
  • Sciences
  • Human and social
  • Technological
  • Sports

The curriculum and members of teaching staff should ensure that desired learning outcomes
are properly established and incorporated into their strategies for implementing the
curriculum. Similarly, teaching staff should ensure that an appropriate level and standard of
homework is regularly set and marked. In this way, learning outcomes can be maintained and
the needs of individual students are met.

Thank you for your support and understanding.

Note: All schools regulations, policies and laws more detailed versions can be found in school,
the school also conducts in accordance to the Saudi Arabian Ministry of Education guidelines
which can be found online at;