vision and mission


Believe, Achieve, and Thrive together


To prepare the learners for life and lifelong learning


We aim to: 

  • Educate our students to become the brightest young children in the Eastern
    province of Saudi Arabia, regardless of their social, cultural, religious and
    financial background.
  • Educate our students and equip them to have the courage to use the
    understanding they gain from this.
  • Teach them to think for themselves and to develop a life-long love of learning.
    Lessons are taught by academic specialists with a passion for their subject, and
    teaching goes well beyond the narrow confines of examination syllabuses,
    offering our pupils the best preparation for the very top universities, both in this
    country and abroad.
  • Know every student and create an environment in which every student feels
    valued as an individual, and is challenged to fulfil his/her potential, whatever
    their talents and attributes.
  • Produce well-rounded young students who have a true sense of service to their
    communities. Alongside this, the School itself seeks to promote co-operation with the wider community and in particular to build partnerships with local
  • Maintain a vibrant and diverse programme of co-curricular activities which
    plays a key role in the School, enabling all students to explore and develop new
    interests, challenge themselves and take responsibility, develop teamwork and
    leadership skills, make friends and have fun.
  • Ensure that the school is in line with the current Saudi 2030 Vision on
    cultivating this generation of learners to enable them to be able to compete at an
    international level , shaping higher education to keep the growing children in
    pace with scientific engineering and technical innovation.
  • Saudi Arabia 2030 Vision on Education Reform.